Welcome to the Public Problems Platform, where Dr. Justin B. Bullock will be discussing many of the pressing public problems of our day, with experts who are working on those problems. These discussions will take place across various formats including the Public Problems Podcast, Public Problems courses, and Public Problems with Justin Bullock Facebook Page, and Public Problems Youtube Channel

I want this space to encourage an informed and rational discussion about the enormous public problems we are facing as a collection of democratic societies.

There will be a significant focus on the United States and its relationship with the rest of the world, as it is the context with which I am most familiar, but I hope that the conversation broadens.

That’s what I’m hoping to do with this space. The podcast and the virtual classroom are the first major pieces. Education. The goal of the podcast and the virtual classroom is to have an interesting and informative conversation with both experts, lay persons, and the general public.

My goal will be to spread the podcasts, live videos, and courses to as many people who may find them interesting. These episodes, for the most part will help to drive the conversation held in the classroom space. I hope you will share them in your own social media space if you found it to be informative.

If you share my values of humanity, compassion, and basic human dignity, I hope you’ll join the conversation.

There’s a lot to discuss. There are some big challenges ahead.

I hope you’ll follow along!

And, if you support this broad mission, I hope you’ll consider both sharing the content and subscribing financially.

Your support is greatly appreciated!