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Dr. Emily A. Sellars joined the Department of International Affairs at the Bush School this fall as an assistant professor. Prior to coming to the Bush School, she was a postdoctoral scholar in political economy at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. Dr. Sellars received a joint Ph.D. in political science and agricultural and applied economics from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. She also holds an MA in political science from the University of Wisconsin and an AB in economics magna cum laude from Cornell University, where she was a College Scholar.

I/E/mmigration has an overarching impact on society, which is why it often carries charged debates and feelings among people fueling its controversial nature. In the podcast, the host initiates a conversation about Dr. Sellar’s dissertation ‘’Essays on immigration and politics,’’ which received the Mancur Olson award for the best thesis in political economy in the last two years. With current developments in the American political and policy scene, there has not been a better time to ask questions about political dynamics of immigration and the relationship between immigration opportunities and collective action.

The United States relationship with immigration is a complex one. The very existence of a wide constellation of immigration statuses, both legal and illegal contributions to the lack of clarity of the nature of migration in the US and approaches to tackle it at the policy level. What do these intricacies and complexities mean for people coming to the US and how the lives of those already here are influenced and impacted. Who are the winners and losers? Do we place more importance on security considerations when thinking about migration or fundamental human rights?


To read about Dr. Sellars’ research interest and publications follow the link:

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Sellars, E. A. (2013). Does Emigration Inhibit Reform? Evidence from the Mexican Agrarian Movement, 1910-1945. Article available here:…igReform.pdf?dl=0

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