REGISTER for Public Problems 101: A January Review of the Evidence

Every Wednesday in January, we will be virtually conducting the first Public Problems with Justin B. Bullock, short course. This course will “meet” every Wednesday evening. On every Wednesday evening in January of 2018, I will upload public video lectures on Youtube and Facebook that correspond to a learning module within Google Classroom. There will be 5 learning modules for this course. Week 1 will be an introduction to the course. Weeks 2-4 will each provide additional, more in-depth information on a topic from a Public Problem episode, and Week 5 will be a conclusion.

Along with uploading public lectures for each week, we will provide other publically available sources of information to correspond with the learning module from respected academics, journalists, and educators. We will also provide discussion questions and a forum within Google Classroom to have discussions on the provided material.

REGISTRATION is December 1st-15th, I will let the members of this event vote on which three episodes we should examine more closely. Once votes are tallied, I will post the results and begin structuring the course. I will also ask the guest of the episodes selected to join us for the classroom experience either through a live Q&A, recorded brief follow up thoughts on the podcast, respond to some discussion questions, etc.

If you would like to join the Google Classroom learning experience simply create a gmail account, join this event, and I will provide all the information that you need to participate.

These public lectures and the Google Classroom learning experience are free and open to the public.

I do, however, reserve the discretion, as the instructor, to enforce discussion rules to maintain a high-quality, respectful, and honest dialogue. These rules will be discussed at the beginning of the course.

If this event interests you, like our page, check out our podcast, and join us over at: Public Problems with Justin B. Bullock

You can check out our podcast channels on iTunes Podcast, SoundCloud, Podcast Addict, and Pocket Casts. Just search for Public Problems. 

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