Season 2 Episode #1: On Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Listen to Public Problems Podcast Season 2 Episode #1: On Sexual Assault on College Campuses with Seth Smitherman, Shrabya Poudyal, Mariam Chikhladze, Georgia Gandy Osburn, and Kyoung Cheol Kim.

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In the last year, sexual assault has become the most present theme in the American public space. Numerous cases of mediatized sexual harassment and assault pointed to the longstanding problem of women objectification, that cuts across every sphere of society, from politics to entertainment. These developments have spurred the #MeToo movement, and a national conversation of gender and power relations in the country. To kick off the second season of The Public Problems podcast, the host initiates a conversation with graduate students at The Bush School of Government and Public Service, who conducted research on sexual assault on college campuses. According to research one in five women and seven percent of men in college campuses experience some form of sexual harassment, with a majority going unreported. Further, 89% of colleges in 2015 did not report any sexual assault on their campuses, showing the perverse incentives in many universities to downplay the prevalence and seriousness of this issue. What are the implications of sexual assault on college campuses? How does it affect someone’s social, personal, academic well-being? Based on research conducted by the guests, this podcast offers an overview of the current trends in sexual assault in American universities, the consequences to those subject to the phenomenon and the larger policy implications. Ultimately, what should universities do to meaningfully address sexual violence in their campuses to provide for the safety of their students?
#Sexual, #assault, #harassment, #college, #campuses, #MeToo, #Women, #Safety, #ClearyAct

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