Dr. Justin B. Bullock is an Associate Professor Affiliate of Governance at the Evans School of Governance at the University of Washington. Dr. Bullock is a world-renowned scholar and expert in public policy, governance, public administration, technology, artificial intelligence (AI), management, and organizational theory. Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Bullock was a professor at Texas A&M University in the Bush School of Government and Public Service from 2014-2021, where he was tenured in 2020. He received numerous teaching awards from his in-person, online, and hybrid students at the Bush School. Dr. Bullock resides in Seattle, Washington, with his lovely wife, Maria Guzman, their newborn son Tomás, and their two Boston terriers, Clementine and Hughie.

Dr. Bullock’s recent work examines the impact of technology on governance with a specific focus on the new forms of Governance created by artificial intelligence and the growth of intelligent machines. He also explores the myriad ways in which new forms of technology, including the rise of the Metaverse, present new opportunities for education and spreading knowledge. Dr. Bullock is the creator and host of a podcast called “Public Problems” which engages in thought-provoking discussions with various world-leading experts, students, and other interesting people. Additionally, he maintains a running blog sequence for the LessWrong blog forum. Dr. Bullock is currently the lead editor for the Oxford University Press Handbook of AI Governance. Between teaching, revising manuscripts, blogging, and tweeting, he is exploring seminars in the Metaverse and publishing his first science fiction book “Lo Wainwright: The Last Homo Superior.”