Research Reports

Dr. Bullock is an expert in public policy, governance, public administration, technology, AI, decision-making, management, and organization theory. He is particularly interested in working on research reports examining the impact of AI, the Metaverse, and automation technology on organizations’ behaviors, including governments, nonprofits, businesses, and universities.

Government Reports

Dr. Bullock is excited to partner with local, state, federal, or international agencies and governments to examine their use of technology and its various impacts on communities, organizations, and the economy. In particular, Dr. Bullock has expertise in independent evaluations of technology deployment within society and by governments.

Seminars and Facilitations

Dr. Bullock has offered dozens of graduate seminars in person, online, virtual reality, and hybrid formats. He works with organizations to provide informational seminars that range from a few hours to several days. These seminars focus on management, analysis, communication, group work, and integrating new technology tools into the organization’s workings.

Short Courses

Dr. Bullock is an award-winning teacher and expert in developing short, impactful courses tailored to the organization’s needs. These courses can be offered in person, online, or in the Metaverse.